Concealed Carry NOLA

Appraisal Service

$35 per firearm

Concealed Carry NOLA can give you a written appraisal of your firearm. Many times your insurance company may require a written appraisal of a firearm as part of your insurance rider. If you do not get a written appraisal they may not cover your firearm for its full value. This is something you may want to discuss with your insurance agent.

Appraisal Method:

In researching your firearm CCNOLA will locate at least two and as many as five recent sales of a firearm of the same make, model, and approximate condition. We will then take the average of these recent sales prices and average it with the current Blue Book value of your firearm. This will result in a "Fair Market Value" for you firearm. (see formula below)

Fair Market Value Appraisal Formula:

Step One:

(Used 1 + Used 2 + Used 3 + Used 4 + Used 5) divided by 5

= Average of used item sold recently

Step Two:

(Average of used + Blue Book value) divided by 2 =

Fair Market Value for your Firearm.

All of this information will be put into a written report on our letter head. This report will include the URL's or website addresses of all the comparable data to verify where we are getting our price comparisons from.

Note: Multi firearm discounts available call for details.

Contact Instructor Dave Newman at 504-430-7409 for appraisal appointment.

Expert Witness Testimony:

Need someone to testify at your trial as an expert withness? Lead instructor David Newman can testify at your trial as an expert witness.

Rate: $125 per hour

Note: This rate will apply to all travel and wait time during a trial. There will also be a two hour minimum trial preperation charge at the same rate.

Contact Instructor Dave Newman at 504-430-7409


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