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B. Guillaume - July 18th, 2020

I took my concealed carry class with David yesterday and was 100% satisfied with the quality of his course and instruction.  He's a down to Earth guy, who was very thorough in his explanations, answered everyone's questions and did so in a very kind and friendly way.  He even took extra time to help out a gentleman in the class whos English was not great.  He was very patient and accommodating to him and everyone else in the class.  

Besides great firearms training, David also gave us great tips on the best way to submit our information to get our CCW license approved with the State of LA in a timely manner, which I thought was great bonus info.  He also sent us a couple of followup emails with a recap on everything discussed in class plus other links to other reading material and tools to help advance our firearms and self defense training and knowledge. 

P. McGinty - April 12th, 2012

Dave is an ideal instructor for folks of all skill levels.  I'm a guy who is a complete handgun novice, but Dave made me feel perfectly comfortable and encouraged me throughout all stages of the course.  He accommodated my beginner-level questions and concerns, but he was also able to fully and competently field (like a pro) the advanced questions raised by my more experienced friends who took the course with me.  One of those friends is ex-law enforcement, and I know he was impressed and completely satisfied with Dave's awesome instruction
and knowledge.  My friend's wife also participated, and I know she was comfortable, had a great time, and learned a lot.  From the get-go, Dave was easy to talk to and provided great flexibility in scheduling the course.  During the class, Dave was friendly, courteous, and easy-going, but also professional, competent, and adaptable to different learning styles.  Dave is just a great guy - his passion for (and expertise at) what he does, his attentiveness to each individual's needs, and his sincere encouragement have made me much more confident and motivated to become a more knowledgeable, skilled, and responsible gun-owner.  Dave even offered to take me gun shopping, and he routinely makes himself available to answer questions and to help this newbie out.  I really couldn't have had a better experience.

S. Gearhart - April 16th, 2012

Dave is an excellent instructor. Even though I have extensive experience with handguns I was still impressed with the extent of Dave's knowledge on the use of force and the laws that pertain to carrying a handgun for self defense. This course covered everything you would need to know about using and maintaining your gun, proper technique for accurate shooting, conflict resolution, disparity of force, etc. One of the other students in the class was a complete novice. And Dave made him feel perfectly comfortable and encouraged him throughout all stage of the course. A friend of mine who is a law enforcement officer also took the class. He was impressed with how Dave was able to handle some of his more advance questions. During the class he was friendly and professional. I highly recommend taking your concealed handgun permit course or any of their other courses offered at Concealed Carry NOLA.

M. Brenner - May 4, 2012

“David is an excellent instructor. He was extremely thorough with all aspects of his “one on one” course. He is able to share his knowledge in a way that is very intuitive and easy to understand, which made retention of the information effortless.

I had not handled a firearm in approximately fifteen years; so needless to say, I was initially hesitant and lacking confidence with respect to operating the firearm safely and effectively. David’s instruction was extremely effective with providing the correct amount of knowledge, skill, and general attitude instruction. This training elevated my confidence and ultimately provided me the ability to properly and safely own and operate firearms for self-defense. In addition, my interest in the sport of shooting has increased exponentially.

I highly recommend David and Concealed Carry NOLA to everyone that is looking to get involved with the sport of shooting or owning firearms for self-defense”

Top qualities: Great Results, Expert, High Integrity

G. Calongne - May 16, 2012

I had contacted Dave regarding recertification for my Louisiana concealed weapon permit. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Dave. I was overwhelmingly impressed with his knowledge of firearms and their safe
handling as well as Louisiana laws regarding concealed carry and the use of deadly force. Dave took the time to thoroughly explain what I needed to know to handle the weapon safely, hit the target and to observe and assess each situation carefully to make the right decision before removing that firearm from its
holster. I would not hesitate to recommend Dave Newman to anyone looking for some REAL firearms instruction.

Jacob, Manager/New Orleans & Mandeville - May 23. 2012 


I have to tell you I'm impressed and I'm not easily impressed.   Frankly, so was my crew.  As the owner of a company that sends sales people and service providers into all areas of metro New Orleans day and night, I have to thank you for our concealed handgun permit course.  Thank you for making us feel safer at a time when most people are constantly looking over their shoulders.  Now my employees are empowered to protect themselves.  Not just by carrying concealed weapons, but knowing how to use them...or maybe more importantly, knowing when NOT to.  The lessons you taught about using awareness as self defense and avoiding confrontation were invaluable.  You were the consumate professional, an effective teacher and attentive instructor.  The fact that you came to our offices to conduct the classes made what could have been a real challenge so convenient.  
And, of course, everybody's favorite part of the course, meeting you at the gun range for the final stages of qualifications. You created such a sense of team, yet were so attentive to some of us who needed careful instruction.   
I will recommend Concealed Carry NOLA to all my associates, friends and family. 
You made it easy and enjoyable, Dave. And, those of us who are not outdoorsmen were especially appreciative of your patience. 

Nicole, Fitness Instuctor/Trainer New Orleans - June 14, 2012

This course was exactly what I was looking for. My husband has 2 guns and I had no idea how to use them. We have 2 little girls and he travels a lot for work. I felt like if there were guns in the house, then I should know how to use them. I was afraid to even touch them before! David, was an excellent teacher. He was patient, knew what he was talking about and really made me feel comfortable. I wanted gun knowledge for self defense purposes and he made sure I knew everything I needed to know to feel comfortable using a gun to protect myself and my family. He even shared extra information with me on self defense, outside of the course material. Now I know how to load, unload, clean and shoot our guns in a way that is safe for me and my family. I highly recommend this instructor to anyone who needs to learn about gun safety, beginner or advanced. I feel so much safer.


Brad, Captian New Orleans Fire Department New Orleans - August 8, 2012

Okay everybody. Myself and Leon F Vial took our concealed weapons class today. It was taught by David Newman, a certified instructor. His website is I highly recommend this class to everyone. He is willing to come out to you're home or office to teach it! He also teaches a ton of other classes as well. We need to defend ourselves now more than ever, and Dave is the right guy to teach you! We left the class and the range where we were shooting live rounds feeling confident and comfortable in our abilities. Please check this guy out... you won't regret it!


Brandon, MD November 5, 2012

Wanted to write you about the class. First we all really enjoyed the class. You took a subject that we were all apprehensive about and helped us to relax. The class was fun and realistic. Additionally I appreciate how you took extra time with those of us who needed it. As opposed to just trying to push everyone through you were invested in helping and getting them through the training. We have decided on our individual firearms and will start to look for more time to continue our education.


A.P. Forbes - November 27, 2012

Dave, my wife and I want to thank you for the superb class you conducted last Saturday.  We appreciate the thoroughness and clarity of the presentation.  Your patience and genuine concern for the students’ safety and learning was evident.  The net result was instilling in us vital fundamentals, both skills and knowledge, and the confidence to continue learning and improving.  And, quite frankly, it was fun.

Best wishes,

A.P. Forbes

Tim - Renewal Client - May 22, 2013

Thanks Dave.  I really enjoyed the class.  You made me smarter than I was when I woke up this morning.  I also appreciate your going the extra mile and saving me fifty dollars.  I'll spread the word.


Charles and Amanda, NRA Basic Pistol Course-5/25/2013

Dave, Thank you very much for the Basic Pistol course you provided to my girlfriend and I. It was much more instruction than I had anticipated, and we are BOTH more knowledgeable and confident as a result of your efforts. I was mostly concerned with her proficiency in handling (loading, unloading, disassembly) and shooting the firearm quickly and effectively, but she ended up shooting better than me! It will take some time for me to completely break the crossed-thumbs habit, but I would have never known to do so if I did not have your instruction. Also, as a result of your expertise, we will be saving quite a bit of money with the the Concealed Carry applications (I'll leave this to your potential, future clients to figure out how.) 5-stars, expert-instruction. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to become more informed/less of a victim--PARTICULARLY WOMEN!



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